Welcome to my new site!

From now on you’ll be able to find all things Nick Garrie in one place: A news feed, concert dates, videos, a release archive with a store, selected reviews and a forum. Do get in touch via the official Facebook page, but also feel free to bookmark this site for lots of further reading!

If you want to get in touch with me personally, you can do so here.

3 Responses to Welcome to my new site!

  1. Jackie Hebden

    Love your new site Nick 🙂

  2. Jacques

    hello; I wondered if there was a way to listen to Nick’s lp “Suitcase Man” ?
    thanks for your answer!

  3. nickgarrie.com

    Hello Jacques! I’m afraid “Suitcase Man” was only released on vinyl and was never re-issued. It did very well in Spain, so Spanish 2nd hand record shops may well be worth digging into. I’ll ask Nick about it, though. For now, here’s a video of Nick performing the title track: https://youtu.be/qg_5D9oLgv4

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